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Fitness Tips Bethesda Personal Trainer

You have finally decided to get in shape. You have tried every fad diet out there and finally realized you need to make some life changes. If you are truly ready to get real about fitness in Bethesda here are some tips to start with.

Always warm up first. You don’t expect your car to go from cold to highway speed, why do you think your body can? Your body is a machine, warming up will prevent injuries that will slow you down, or possibly discourage you completely. Give your muscles a fighting chance.

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Know what you to achieve and set goals. Yes, you want to lose weight, but what else. Is it hard for you to walk up the stairs? Do you look good in clothes, but naked is another story, and you want to firm up those flabby places. Discussing this with your personal trainer will help both of you know what path you need to take. Your personal trainer can help you decide on long term and short term goals. It will be easier to get there if you first decide where you are going.

Experts agree that cardio is the best form of fitness training, but it can become boring. Don’t overlook the many other fun forms of fitness in Bethesda. Walking, dancing, biking, and taking the stairs work just as good as running. If all you running is on a treadmill, take your run outside when the weather is nice. Fresh air is always good for you. Adding weights, a little at a time, can speed up your progress and keep things interesting.

Shape up your kitchen to shape up your body. Get rid of all the unhealthy junk that causes you to backslide. Eat meals full of healthy grains, low fat protein, vegetables and fruit. Eat three balanced meals and two snacks every day. Stop starving yourself. Engines need fuel to run properly. Keeping a food journal will help you see when and where you go off track. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a cheat day. Telling yourself you can never have doughnuts again will make you crave them.

Take time to cool down after a workout. Walking the last lap will help your body slow down safely. Stopping suddenly and jumping in your car to drive home confuses your whole body. Remember your body is a machine, respect it.

Get enough sleep. You might feel like lying in bed is undoing your hard work, but your body needs time to replenish. You need at least eight hours of quality sleep every night. You should have a cool, quiet, dark place to sleep. Proper sleep is important to your overall health.

Know that fitness is a lifelong process. It will not happen overnight. It might take weeks and should be maintained for life. Once you incorporate these healthy habits into your lifestyle you will begin to look and feel better. Finding fitness in Bethesda can be a simple and fun way to change you life for ever.

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