Five Reasons Why Crossfit Might Not Be For You |

Five Reasons Why Crossfit Might Not Be For You

Crossfit may do more injury than good.

Crossfit is one of the hottest, most talked about diet and exercise plan on the market today. However, it might not be all that it is cracked up to be. There are some specifics that you should be aware of before taking the journey on this new adventure. Consider these cons, take them into consideration and then make your decision on which fitness plan might be the best to go with.

  1. They state that crossfit is good because it provide high intensity training, however this is not always a good thing. This can cause you to break down the parts of the body such as the muscles and can cause further troubles down the road with sprains, breaks and additional injuries. High intensity might seem ideal to someone that wants to get right to it, but consider what your body actually needs.
  2. Crossfit is both a workout and a sport. Those that do the sport generally do not do the workout to get to their current body type. They use other means to create the muscle and strength that they get. It is impressive to watch, as well. Those may find that the sport is nothing like the workout and only started the workout because they thought it was closely related to the sport.
  3. Many of the coaches that teach crossfit do not actually know what they are teaching. They are not able to actually show the proper technique or form to those wishing to learn it. This causes even more injuries, and causes those people training to think they know the proper techniques when they have not been learning them all along.
  4. They make it sound like a one size fits all, any goal is attainable type of fitness program when it is not. The program cannot be done by some, and you cannot get increased muscle mass once you reach a certain point. It is great for cardio and for losing body fat in the beginning but the benefits greatly decrease over time.
  5. Crossfit and the name is just a business at the end of the day. They are not really out there to help you, to promote your image and your well being; they are out for greed. They are fueled by this greed since the gyms that offer it are affiliates to the work out routine. They are just out there trying to make a buck by selling this program to those that come in.

Crossfit might be a workout plan you’ve always wanted to try on your own, but this doesn’t mean that you should move forward with it before knowing the facts, the myths, the pros and the cons. It might be wise to try a different meal and exercise plan that is specifically fit for you, your body and your overall current health conditions. Crossfit can provide benefits, but not as many as one may think.

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