Stretching and Conditioning for Your Exercise Plan |

Stretching and Conditioning for Your Exercise Plan

Stretching and conditioning are ideal for you to do to your body prior to a work out, and after a work out. We will give you some ideal tips for getting the right stretching that you need to have done. You’re able to build strength through the right stretching and conditioning before and after your work outs. There are a few warm ups that can be done, depending on the exercise you’re going to be doing, to help with your flexibility, strength and overall well-being.

General Warm Up

A general warm up can be done when it comes to doing any type of exercises. You will want to slowly elevate the heart rate and oxygen levels before a light work out routine. Do not overdo it. Make sure to stretch your arms, legs, back and get into a steady elevated heart rate rhythm. This can be done through light jogging in place, stretching each area slightly; giving a firm tug on each area or by working with someone that you can push and pull with.

Sport Specific Warm Up

By doing a sport specific warm up, you’re then able to take your stretching and conditioning and make it more sport specific depending on what you’re going to head out and play. Many athletes have come up with their own warm up plans and these work for them before and after their games. However, if you’re new then consider these quick warm up tips that you’re able to mix and match depending on how you want to exercise your body.

  • Consider stretching all the parts of the body
  • Get your blood and circulation going by getting up to the pace you will be playing at
  • Stretch in the ways that your body is going to be moving while you are playing the sport
  • Do stretching or movements that are known to you so you do not harm your body in the process of conditioning and strengthening
  • Stretch until you feel a pull but not until it is painful

Dynamic Stretching

Highly conditioned, well trained athletes should only do this type of stretching. If those that do it are not familiar with it, they can become harmed in the process. Flexibility should be established prior to doing any dynamic stretching. Having a controlled force behind the stretching is essential. Bouncing uncontrollably during the stretching can harm the parts of the body. Dynamic stretching should be discussed with a personal trainer.

Stretching and warming up are both things that you’re going to want to do prior to anyone work out, sports activity or other activity that you’re going to be exerting yourself physically. You’re able to stretch it out, get more balance, more strength and more flexibility. Get out there and build up to it while getting physically fit.

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