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Speed and Agility

ONE ON ONE OR GROUP CLASSES. We develop specific movement skills under reactive and nonreactive conditions to optimize the transfer to your specific sport.


Ages 8-11

  • Working on first-step movement
  • Introducing dynamic warm ups
  • Body-weight training
  • Balance Drills
  • Core Stabilization
  • Injury Prevention
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Ages 12-14

Integrating first step movement into dynamic running form.

  • Working on Lateral Movements
  • Cut Direction Changing
  • Improving Linear Speed
  • Injury Prevention
  • Resistance Speed Training
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Ages 15+

  • Building on Beginner and Intermediate Levels to create explosive speed for high school and college programs
  • Incorporating strength training to add to the speed component of our programs
  • Olympic lifting, sports nutrition, video analysis
  • Working on combining speed and strength to enhance overall physical fitness level
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Pro Combine Training


  • Pillar Prep
  • Linear Movement
  • Olympic lifting, sports nutrition, video analysis
  • 40 Yard Breakdown
  • Position Specific Session
  • Movement Session
  • Strength Session, Energy Systems Development (ESD)
  • Recovery and regeneration session – Message therapy
  • Hotel Accommodations Included
  • Player /Agent Representation Meetings
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SSP Combine Training

Speed Strength Performance procombine Training in Maryland

SSP Combine training is the place to go. We offer the best program in the area to make your pro day or draft eligibility count. Our program is specifically designed for athletes getting ready for their pro day or entering the NFL combine. We understand that after a long season, your body is worn down so we formulate our training to rejuvenate you to bring back your explosiveness. Our eight-week program is broken down into sessions that will give you the edge you need for your best shot at becoming an NFL player.

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Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training

SSP is the leader in strength and conditioning in the Washington DC area. We provide a science based program that works with the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the country such as Mark Verstegen to deliver the best results to our athletes. We provide you with the best program that incorporates all the major movement patterns that transition to your specific sport. We get you results on and off the field making you better, faster and stronger. Our number one goal is for you to Be You. Be Strong!