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We Teach Love of Exercise

At Speed Strength Performance, we are here to help participants of all ages learn the basics of speed, agility, strengthening, and more.

Start Early

If you are interested in introducing your kids to a fitness training regimen, you’ve come to the right place.

At Speed Strength Performance, we are here to help participants of all ages learn the basics of speed, agility, strengthening, and more.

Our team of fitness experts is here to show students how to work out the right way — using proper form and staying mindful of all the necessary safety precautions. We believe that a love of exercise starts early.

In today’s culture of childhood obesity, there’s no day like the present to get kids active, engaged, and excited about working out.

By making a regular fitness routine the norm rather than the exception, we can help turn the obesity epidemic around and show kids that working out is also a fun and enjoyable activity.

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Activities Covered
All of our performance fitness training programs are designed to let kids explore their interests, socialize, and get moving in a non-competitive, secure, and positive environment. Our classes vary, depending on the age group, but for the youth group, ages 8-11, the following activities will be covered:
Working on first-step movement
The area of working on first step movement are focuses on footwork patterns and teaches kids how to positon their feet when they make certain steps.
Working On Balance Drills
We will run through a bunch of different exercises to show kids how to steady themselves and avoid tripping and/or falling and injuring themselves.
Introducing dynamic warm ups
This full-body routine is designed to increase the heartbeat, promote flexibility, and raise body temperature while stretching and prepping for more intensive training.
Working On Core Stabilization
SSP certified trainers will do various ab workouts and emphasize the importance of strengthening the core, since this part of the body is crucial for all other exercises as well.
Body-weight training Routine

In this exercise, we show participants how to use their own weight for strengthening, with exercises like push-ups and sit-ups, that do not require any weights.

Working in Injury Prevention

In this crucial step, we show participants how to work out properly so they can avoid injuring themselves or each other.

Group Discounts and Savings

Contact us for group rates to train with your entire team or a few of your teammates. Group training reduces your individual cost and makes training more fun!

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