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All of our trainers have personal experience performing at the pro or collegiate level. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to the details of each athlete, offering a dynamic approach to achieving their goals.

Peak Performance

Speed Strength Performance in Rockville, MD offers a wide variety of training programs using cutting edge science based training to ensure your athlete is not only getting results but will have a long, productive career in their specific sport.

Our strength and conditioning coaches are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), members of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and elite athletes themselves – making SSP the most knowledgeable sports training company in the area.

SSP works with all ages focusing on peak performance, while making our training sessions fun and engaging for the athlete. Our programs cater to both male and female athletes from ages 8 to 18 all the way to our professional programs. Sportsmanship, character building and teamwork are the founding principles of our company. Our athletes not only improve performance, but more importantly, they take away a positive life-long self-confidence and work ethic.

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Pro Combine Speed Strength Performance Training programs in Rockville Maryland and Washington DC

How do we do this?

Each athlete has strengths and weaknesses. We run baseline test, record results, and set up a personalized plan to increase speed, agility, strength, and explosiveness through custom drills. We also use video analysis to record and analyze biomechanics, diagnosing which areas need improvement. After video analysis, we go through sets of various exercises to strengthen muscles necessary for specific movements.


Functional Movement Screening Training programs in Rockville Maryland and Washington DC

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

We provide a top training program based on each athlete’s level of fitness using the leading science of Functional Movement Screening.

We use this ranking and grading system to document key movement patterns for optimal function. We screen these patterns to identify functional limitations and asymmetries.

These issues can reduce the effectiveness of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.

FMS generates a Functional Movement Screening Score, that we use to target problems and track progress. SSP uses FMS to rank each athlete, where we break them into groups based on their FMS score.


Combine Testing for Pro-Days Speed Strength Performance Training programs in Rockville Maryland and Washington DC

How We Help Your Athletic Performance

Our trainers analyze the FMS score to see how we can make the athlete faster and stronger which allows us to know exactly what movement patterns they need to work on to get the best results.

SSP performance training is laser focused on results! We provide combine testing for pro-days. We use the same equipment as professional organizations such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB, featuring Vertimax, the leader in vertical and explosive movements.

We work with collegiate level schools giving video recordings of your performance.

Our team logs your results in our database to compare with athletes in the Washington DC area and nationwide.

It’s not about where you are, it’s about where you are going. That’s why we work with top sports agents in the area to get you the best representation possible.

We work with the best supplement company ADVOCARE, offering safe and effective nutritional products and providing all informed choice products.

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Group Discounts and Savings

Contact us for group rates to train with your entire team or a few of your teammates. Group training reduces your individual cost and makes training more fun!

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