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Athletic Future

After a month of training with us, kids see and feel tangible results, and that’s when they realize the ceiling of their athletic future is infinite.

Confident Athletes

The youth is the future, and at SSP it is a privilege to watch kids not only improve their overall athletic ability, but see how much their confidence develops as a result of it.

After a month of training with us, they see tangible results, and that’s when they realize the ceiling of their athletic future is infinite. That is when the training becomes a fun competition to get to that next level.

We move at the individualized pace of each youth athlete, and do not just throw them into the deep end and pray they can swim.

We give them all the tools they need to succeed, and tailor our programs for youth athletes that guarantees success.

Whatever weaknesses they come in with, quickly evaporates, and those thought to be weaknesses turns into strengths very quickly.

These “kids” transform into confident athletes within weeks, and when they get back on the field, there is no stopping them!

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Packages at SSP for youth camps

Training Packages

We offer a variety of packages at SSP for youth camps year around. The camps feature not only our speed and agility training, but offer an array of fun games that keep the kids active throughout the duration of the camp. At SSP we already make speed training entertaining; however, at our youth camps you can expect your son or daughter to refuse to go home because they are having such an amazing time. With camps, the kids are going to be with us longer each day than a normal training session, so expect by the end of the week rapid improvements in their speed, strength, agility, and explosiveness.

The kids are having the time of their lives with us, so much so they do not even realize how much improvement in their athletic development they are making. We have been doing youth camps for over 4 years now, and each year the same kids keep coming back and almost always bring a classmate or teammate with them to enjoy the SSP camp experience with them.

Group Discounts and Savings

Contact us for group rates to train with your entire team or a few of your teammates. Group training reduces your individual cost and makes training more fun!

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